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HI, I'M lilli

Before my photographer title, I'm a wife and a dog mama. Although, those titles all coincide since they are my #1 models anyway. Most importantly, I am a Jesus follower and hope to share that through my actions! Beyond photography, I also love videography, playing the cello and piano, singing, and interior design. Let's see... I'm an extroverted introvert. Aka. I can be really social but need alone time to recharge. It works perfectly - weddings on the weekend and working from home during the week. I am a perfectionist and you can guarantee I am putting plenty of detail into your gallery. I'm also very task driven and LOVE a good list. So aside from the artistic portion of my job, I actually enjoy the business side of things. Organized might be my most well known trait... Last but not least, I'm passionate about mental health and hope to utilize McKinley Made as an outlet for awareness! 

HI, I'M josh

I believe one word that best describes myself is patient.  It could've been tall because that is the first thought that crosses your mind when you see me.  I've always had a fascination for how someone can use setting, tone, and sound to have a normal shot become unique and breathtaking.  In my off time, I like to dive into my sketchbook or iPad and just have some fun drawing or get really invested with a piece.  I've played sports all my life and I continue to at my local soccer complex.  All of this is great and all but nothing compares to just being able to spend time with my wife.  The wonderful thing about it is I don't have to schedule time with my best friend; I just wake up and there she is.  In some ways, she has a vision that I will never be able to comprehend.  But isn't that the beauty of art?  Being able to view something differently and put your own little spice on it.  I'm 6'6 just in case you wanted to know.


Our Baby

While we may not have any human babies just yet, we do have our fur baby. Luca is our 105 pound labradoodle and the love of our life. We adopted Luca the same month we started dating. So, he has been with us since the start! If we're not working, we are usually playing with and loving on our "bubbas".Luca never meets a stranger and is super friendly (also extremely needy lol).He loves swimming, cuddling, playing catch, and birdwatching.Figured he deserved his own moment on the website :)


Our Values


Even if you don't read anything else, we hope you see this - Jesus is our everything. Above any other goal or value, we hope to share our faith through our work and and let Him guide us in every decision we make. While we are far from perfect, we hope His love and kindness reflects in all that we do. 
James 1: 2-4  


Ya know the saying "communication is key"? Not only do we live by that in our personal lives, but we value communication in our business as well. Whether that is answering all your questions, helping you formulate a wedding day timeline, or outlining what the process of working with us looks like, we strive to clearly and honestly communicate with you throughout it all. 


Our line of work is more than a business transaction. You're choosing us to capture some of the most special, intimate times of your life - that's personal! You don't want to feel like you're hanging with some random stranger during those important moments! That's why we honor our responsibility by getting to know you, building a relationship, and ensuring your comfortability! Whether we're hyping you up during a session or letting you vent during wedding planning - we are here for you! 


One of the biggest lessons we have learned in our years of business is to prioritize quality over quantity!! While it may sound nice to send 1500 photos or a 10 minute video, we have found that our work shines when we focus on the quality of the product. Rather than rushing to send as much as we can or book as much as possible, we focus our energy and time on perfecting our art and increasing our quality. You can rest assured that once you receive your gallery, you are getting our very best! 

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